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Indian Revenue Service

We share your dream to make our beloved country the most prosperous and peaceful country in the world. We work towards realizing this dream, we work with the Indian Revenue Service. Not just the few who pay direct taxes but every citizen who buys a product or pays for services, contributes towards realization of this dream. We partner with you in this effort by collecting taxes that each of you pay.

Our country belongs to all – rich or poor. We partner with you in bridging this divide. Ever wonder who funds the mid day meals of children in schools or old age pension of the elderly citizens? Who contributes for securing our nations frontiers or taking a leap into the outer space or road highways and railways of growth? It is the taxes that each of you pay. We work towards fulfilling the aspiration of each citizen – rich or poor.

Let’s aspire for a brighter future for our country together with you and the IRS.

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